Pure Detox, Purifying Masque
Pure Detox, Purifying Masque

• Exfoliates & Purifies — Skin cell turnover slows with age resulting in dull, rough looking skin, and clogged pores. Pure Detox exfoliates plus purifies by pulling out pollutants from the skin.

• 3 Types of Clay — Kaolin, Bentonite and exotic, French Montmorillonite clays rejuvenate skin with their high mineral content, while exfoliating, stimulating blood circulation, and removing debris from pores, resulting in a smooth, healthy glow!

• Enviro-Extract™ blend — this active ingredient blend helps to remove additional heavy metals the skin is exposed to from the environment. It helps to chelate (attach to) heavy metals, remove toxins from the skin, and aids the skin in guarding against future oxidative environmental exposure.

• Beneficial Botanicals include: Chamomile, Green Tea, Ivy, Goji Berry, Caffeine and Cucumber, plus hydrating Hyaluronic Acid.


Cellular Age Advantage™

OPN Ingredient Safety Rating™

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My husband has been bugging me about his face and blackheads, and my response is always ‘use your Apriori Beauty!’ He's an avid user of the Celloxylin® Crème Cleanse and Day Defense Plus and occasionally the Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub when I remind him how wonderful it is to exfoliate his skin. This last time however, I proposed he use the new Pure Detox Clay Masque on his skin while he was watching football. Immediately upon applying the masque on his face, he said he could feel it working. After washing his face several minutes later, he asked when he could do it again. We now have a Pure Detox Masque schedule every Sunday and Wednesday. I love it because he is finally realizing that Apriori Beauty is not just for women, it’s for men too!
— Sue Forster, CA

Wow, you did it again! I can feel it working! Cool, calm feeling, even after it’s been removed. Beautiful results – smooth and soft, no dryness.
— Connie Johnson, CA

I have tried many facial clay masques over the years. Pure Detox is by far the most effective. After using the masque and applying my daily Celloxylin steps, I am thrilled with my new glow!
— Susan Shaheen, SC

I am so excited that Apriori Beauty added a masque to the Celloxylin skin care line! It's such a natural complement to the Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub and 20X Acid Peel. I loved how the masque seemed to absorb the impurities from the day and left my skin feeling incredibly youthful. I didn't think I would like the pumice, but it actually added a fabulous finish to the experience. Love it!
— Paula Yudelevit, MD

I work in the public schools and wash my hands around 15-20 times a day. Did I mention I only have access to “cold” water 75% of the time? It has been unseasonably cold the past week and consequently my hands look and feel like “chopped liver." They hurt so much. At our Apriori Beauty Bar on Saturday, I was doing a demo of our brand new Celloxylin® Pure Detox Masque on the back of a guest’s hands. Then I thought, what the heck, I’ll put some on mine. WOW! I was healed. My hands were no longer rough and chapped. They are smooth and feel hydrated. That evening I used PSR Next and the Derma Firm Illuminator to complete my hand treatment. I’m now a happy Consultant with smooth hands.
— Sherri Bradley, TX

I love the new Pure Detox masque. It goes on smooth like silk and feels amazing. My skin looks alive. I'm happy and hydrated!
— Natalie Walsh, CA

Very spa-like with beautiful results; highly recommend! It smells so fresh and was comfortable - not overly drying. Immediately after rinsing it off, my skin appeared brighter and smoother. Definitely an addition to my Apriori Beauty regime!
— Carolyn Glade, AZ

I love it!
— Nathaly Diaz, NY

I love that this masque has green tea, it feels tightening and fresh, and the antioxidants are always welcome!
— Carleen McIlveen, FL

I love this masque and want to put it on my entire body! It felt great!
— Valerie Anderson, CT

Here in Chicago, the weather is so cold, it dries out my poor hands, and they look terrible. I was began using the Celloxylin Pure Detox, Purifying Masque for my face - I looked down at my hands and thought 'what the heck' so I applied it to the back of hands. I am so surprised at how great my hands look. This will now be part of my masque treatment - couldn't be any easier. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

I just tried the Celloxylin® Pure Detox Masque and whereas I love all of Apriori Beauty’s products, this one is my new favorite! It left my skin free of the normal oily pattern for at least 24 hours and brought overall color to my face. I will definitely be buying this item in bulk!
— Erica, OH

The Apriori Beauty Pure Detox Masque experience should be shared by everyone. It is recommended that after applying the Masque to lie down and rest for 15 minutes while the masque dries. I am a busy woman and didn't really think I had the time to rest for 15 minutes, but, what the heck, I decided to try it. Wow! Just that few minutes lying there on the bed I became very calm and peaceful. The Masque not only refreshed my skin, but gave me a refreshing start to my day. Thanks, Apriori Beauty!
— Sheila Morrison , OH

The pores around my nose and chin area have been getting bigger over the years and I couldn't understand why. I always cleanse and exfoliate my skin and am diligent in washing off my makeup every evening. I thought that was all you needed to do to prevent large pores. Then I tried the Pure Detox Clay Masque and I understood why. The clay not only helps pull out the dirt that is built up over the years but it helps close the pores back up. No more large pores! Wow... the pumice leaves such a smooth look and feel to my face. It looks radiant and feels surprisingly hydrated. I love it so much that I find I like to use it after a tiring day.
— Julia Cantu, CA

My skin feels fresh and alive after using the Pure Detox Masque. Not to mention how soft my skin looks, and I always look forward to those mornings!!
— Lisa Adam, NY

Every time I use this product, I feel that I have just been to my favorite spa. It is wonderful and what a difference it has made. My face and neck is more radiant and smooth and I will always make this a part of my facial regime. Our climate is very dry here in Colorado and this product has definitely made a difference. We all want to feel luxurious and this product definitely accomplishes that. Thank you, Apriori!
— Gloria Magnuson, CO

This is an amazing product. The first time I used it I had never felt anything quite like it. It had a cool tingling feeling on my face and as it dried I felt my skin tightening. The masque washed off easily and left my face smooth and soft to the touch. It has helped to even out my skin tones. And my husband has also been using it. After the first time he commented that his face felt as smooth and soft as a baby's bottom. He has had compliments from his dermatologist on how smooth his skin has become.
— Sandy Rice, CA

I count the days between our other specialty products to use the Masque as it’s my favorite. My husband Steve and I use the Masque at the same time and enjoy being pampered together. Thanks Apriori!
— Martee & Steve Nott, CA

This product is amazing for my 60 something year old skin! It is my favorite Apriori Beauty product. It's gentle and yet gets the job done of detoxifying my skin. I have shared it with many people and they all found it amazing. My husband has used it and likes it as well!
— Penny Halvorsen , CA

I just started with Apriori Beauty and I have to say I am totally amazed and in love with the Celloxylin Pure Detox, Purifying Masque. I loved how it was so easy to use and made my skin feel so soft. I was a little nervous at first to try it because I have sensitive skin, but it was gentle enough that I had no problems.
— Dawn F, PA



INGREDIENTS: Water (Aqua), Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Angelica Polymorpha Sinensis Root (Dong Quai) Extract, Butylene Glycol, Alteromonas Ferment Filtrate, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Kaolin, Montmorillonite, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Hedera Helix Extract, Cucumis Sativus Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Caffeine, Lycium Barbarum Fruit (Goji Berry) Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Pumice, Fragrance.*

*Made up of all-natural ingredients.

OPN Safety Rating: 2

Celloxylin Treatment
Pure Detox, Purifying Masque

This treatment masque exfoliates with pumice, and detoxifies and purifies skin by drawing out impurities with a potent combination of cleansing clays, nourishing and protecting NutrientReservoir™ ingredients, plus the natural Enviro-Extract Blend™ which helps to remove additional heavy metals from the skin and aids in guarding against oxidative environmental pollutants. Skin appearance is immediately improved, refreshed and luminous.

Usage: Twice a week, or as needed. Apply generously to cleansed skin (massaging in circular motions), avoiding eye areas. Relax and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Remove thoroughly with warm water. Can also be used as a spot treatment; dab and rinse once dry. Recommended for all skin types.

4 oz | 113 g, Item #044, 44.00 (BV 28.00)

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